You've been my best friend,
And the only one who tried to understand.
You took my hand
for several times and made me realize,
that i could shine.

I could, probably say a lot about you
But the truth is that words have no meaning
when you are sure of what all the rest means.

You live and breath in my heart
and i hope, from the bottle of my heart,
that you never forget it.
Thanks for being my lovely B.
The guy I learn to know better than myself.
Thanks for know how to make me laught
And to catch myself everytime i seem to fall.
Thanks for being the one to always say:
Never stop believing...
My Micro, Tiny, White Foca Dory II;

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Dreamer disse...

Nunca vou te esquecer minha melhor amiga... Menina que eu também aprendi a conhecer melhor do que eu. Te amo demais minha MTWF. (L)