He is, Boleyn

He’s like a shinning day

The way he goes after his dreams

In such a brave way

I felt in love with his wings

And that latent love he glowed my life

He’s like the sunset

I was waiting for

On a tired afternoon without a thing to do

He makes me push to my limit with just one look

Maybe he doesn’t know what he’s doing to me

But in the twilight it’s easy to see

Coz he’s like a stormy night

Who pushes everything to get to the top

And even when we are a part

I feel his fingers in my skin

So, I keep on falling

Then, he’s like a midnight summer dream

Suddenly he’s everything I need

I couldn’t ask for anything else

So perfectly made

Taylor made for me

At the end, he’s the promise of a brand new beginning

In a morning with the singing birds

And he’ll bring what I’ve been looking for

The open door.

by: Livy Yale

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