Emptness, Boleyn

I was about to drink some coffee, but the mug was completely empty. And strangely a tear fell down. A single tear. Just like if the emptness of the mug was just the way i was feeling. And that feeling came out to say that i shouldn't care so much...the only thing is that...i do, I care. A lot!
Suddelly it's with no sense to settle down, to be comfort, to be empty, in the middle of the crowd.
I guess I should have known better, to believe that something would change, and i'm feeling so stupid, so empty.
I made just the decision to fill my shoes, with a tired walking foot, and then, maybe, let them take me away.
But it is so freezing. Frozen. But have to drink that icy! so cold! so emotionless, like my eyes, those that don't say a thing as cloudy as a horrible foggy day.
The problem is, that not even the darkness is hiding the emptness inside, and everybody is starting to ask me if i'm ok, coz when they look at me, they always see this little lamb who doesn't know where to turn to. I'm happy by what I choose. Am I?! I AM!
I guess i can meet the love later...Can I?!
But today I'm so needy, so lonely, so empty.

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anne biah disse...

Lindo, lindo teu blog.
Sua boba, para de escrever tão bem (não, não para. Me ensina, hihi)
Ah, vou te linkar lá no meu!